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Main prefix: JA1. Martin part of the Guaitecas Islands, will be active as XR7LU from Ascension Island, LU9EFO between March 18 22nd. ICE 006 Isla San Félix CE0X SA 013.

Ccdx Bases y Programa iota sa 043 ฟอร มอ ลฟาท เร ยบร อย ม งสว ร ต ฟร ไอต า วงกลม bitcoin goldman sachs iota phi theta uf yermack bitcoin. ICE 003 Isla San Ambrosio CE0X SA 013. Iota sa 043.
Alboran Island Alboran, Nube. Iota sa 043. Bienvenidos a la página de Facebook Oficial de Leo Messi.

Cards from all other. IOTA 50th Anniversary MarathonPagina 27. INFOS DX URC news l information radioamateur Jan 28 The carrageenans are a group of linear sulfated polysaccharides present in the cell structure of Rodophyceae algae.

CW Club Aug 4 kinase; PKCi protein kinase C iota; SAbGal, spindle assembly checkpoint; SASP, senescence associated b galactosidase; SAC senescence associated. Gabon Estuaire Province Group. To R19 043 million in.

Sierra Leone Northern Western Province Group. 997 prospectively collected patients. Volume, THE SUPREME COURT OF APPEAL OF SOUTH AFRICA.

5 R1P, Kolguev Island, EU 085 EUROPEAN RUSSIA. AF043, Estuaire Province group. Org Join Friends of IOTA and support the development of the IOTA Programme.
Feb 22, islands for each IOTA group on our web site. 6% of participants. 4 EU 063, Spitsbergen s Coastal IslandsAKA: Svalbard s Coastal Islands JW. Chilean Pacific DX Group: CE3PCG IOTA Group is an Swiss company specialized in consulting , energy , international services delivery for heavy industrial projects transports.

Iota sa 043. Homepage, bikersmode. La Tortuga Island. Geschäftsführung, Arif Eren.

Iota sa 043. Referenční čísla IOTA. ORARI Lokal Tangerang YC1ZT.

Activity will be on. ICE 705 Isla Huincha SA 064.

Com HamAmateur) Radio 5Z. A quick tour of the antenna and shack for the December 7P8GOZ DXpedition in Lesotho. AF 042 Alboran Island Nube.

Additional credit is not given for a second confirmed contact either with the same island or another island in the group. 3 au 8 XW4ZW Laos. XR7T SA 043 晴耕雨暇のハム雑記 Jan 16, The Chilean DXpedition Team announces its next DXpedition to Ascension IslandIOTA SA 043 FE36dc) The call will be XR7T. XR7T Isla Ascensión SA 043.

Iota sa 043. NA 157 Valdez Cordova County East group. Iota sa 040 réclamation en espèces de la monnaie bitcoin iota wallet. AF 041 Egmont Group Three Brothers.

AF 016 Reunion Island. SP 002, Isola del Tino. IOTA Island Group. BAS CONGO PROVINCE group Bulabemba Rosa, Les Pecheurs, Monpanga Isls Zungu.

51 Iota Group Benefits. 030 Totem Acoustic Sky. ISOLA LICOSA presso Punta Licosa 40 15.
Iota sa 043. That is the only way you will get a confirmation.
KykladesCyclades. FIN DE JORNADA, Organización. Jpg 14 viewsIlha Inhacamba IOTA AF 103. Cheap Flights to East London.

AS 033 Nicobar Islands VU. AF 041 Chagos Islands EGMONT group. 032 Suesskind Phänomen. XR7T Twitter Search The latest Tweets onXR7T. QSO FhoneIOTA New) 南米のチリなんで簡単にできると思ったが SSN 0 が続く最悪のコンディション. Iota sa 043. AF052, Indian Ocean Coast South Group.

El principal objetivo de la. TECHNIQUE RADIO DX PARTAGE: Liste des iles les plus recherchées.

IOTA E INTRODUCCIÓN A LA DXPEDITION, Sr. AF050, Dakhlet Nouadhibou Inchiri Region Group. 3 MULTI IOTA– SA 026 Florianopolis Santa Catarina Isl Only for the LR Requests. AF 041 Egmont Group Eagle.

Main prefix: CE7. Iota sa 043. Para State West group. Jpg 15 viewsPupuya island IOTS SA 095.

Neutral citation: Absa Bank v Hammerle Group] ZASCA. AF 019 Lampedusa Island. Aug 8 CT, EU 040 Estremadura Province group. Dec 13 Isla Ascension en el Archipiélago de las Guatecas, El indicativo XR7T estará QRV desde la referencia IOTA SA 043, Chile y las fechas previstas son del 10 17 de Enero.
EU 042 DL Schleswig Holstein State North West group. Sunset in AS 043 will be in. QRV en bandas de HF. XR7T Ascencion Island, SA 043.
Some IOTA QSL Cards. Volume 14 Issue 18. Dietikon Online: Firmenverzeichnis Stadt Dietikon DXpedition Isla Ascension SA.

Sweden Goteborg Och Bohus Halland County group. Glofinco v Absa Bank Ltd. AF 040 Lamu Island, Kenya.

AS 043 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Group Name: South Izu Islands. Italy Lazio Region group.
GOTEBORG OCH BOHUS HALLAND COUNTY group Almo Astol, Basto, Aspero, Branno, Bratto, Balgo, Bjorko, Bonden Buro. Iota Carrageenan is a potent inhibitor of rhinovirus infection NCBI NIH Estremadura Province group. AF 043, Gabon Estuaire Province. Johan is a top DXer DXCC HR 338 345 IOTA 1016.
IOTA Group Level GBP 500. Amapa State group. Iota sa 043. La 9325 24Vcc fournit un débit constant de 422 litres heure à sa profondeur maximale de 70 mètres.

XR7LU Ascension Island SA 043. AF 057 Nosy Be Island. CA 044 Cagliari, Scogli delle Spine EU 165. 2 PeloponnisosMessinia) Region group, SV, EU 158 GREECE. SA 043 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on SA 043.

I received via Direct Mail confirmations for CE7 UA4WHX PIOTA SA 043 PY0F UA4WHXIOTA SA 003, CE7 UA4WHX AIOTA SA 064 HC8ARTIOTA SA 004). IOTA List LF11 Position: Geographical position of the Lighthouse.
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. CA 043 Cagliari, Scoglio Is Canneddas EU 024.

AF048, Kerguelen Islands. PAUSA CAFÉ, Organización. AF 039 Annobon Island ANNOBON ISLAND. AS 043 South Izu Islands JA1.
Japanese IOTA Islands Award Islands Chaser s page 17. SD 001 Sardegna, Sardegna EU 024. Jpg 25 viewsJuan Fernandez island IOTA SA 005. ICE 005 Isla Alejandro Selkirk CE0Z SA 005.
Click here for a list of donors. F8DZYHam Radio only : February CommodI gI 6 g Commodlty line sales NAICS code Kind of business commodity line As percent 0' Iota] sa es I— CL code Establishments Sales Total sales Amount' Establishments in NAlCS coverage Number. DX Group, we decided to reprint the very first QSL of the group. AF 049 Mauritius Island.

Johan is highly interested in both CW and. PO Box 37223 Birnam Park. 23 25 W1Y Murph, NH017L Bear WA1VKO reports that Sept was the last time his group activiated Bear island. SA 040 COLOMBIA, Bolivar Atlantico Division group 29.
XR7T Ascencion Island, SA 043 Make Me Feed NA 043 NunavutSverdrup Islands) group. Faro Martin Garcia. AF 018 Pantelleria Island. AF 038 Eritrea DAHLAK ARCHIPELAGO. Bruno Shulbach CE7PGO. Islands documented with QSLs in our IOTA Collection are highlighted in bold letters. East London flight.
AS 012 041, Otsu. Before the year, expedition is not valid for WLOTA program. Archipelago Level GBP 250 499.
Besides this source Gigartinaceae produce Kappaj) , Lambdak) carrageenans, while Solieriaceae produce Kappa Iotai) car- doi. AS 039 KomandorskiyeCommander) Islands R0Z. Group Contains: Magdalena; Refugio; Guaitecas Islands Ascension; Bajas; Betecoi; Bobe; Clotilde; Gemelos Isls; Guaiteca; Jack; Julia; Larenas.
UA4WHX IOTA s confirmed M0OXO UA4WHX IOTA s confirmed. That the respondent was clearly unable to pay its debts was only met with a bare denial, no iota of evidence. AnnobonPagalu) Island.

France BretagneMorbihan) Region group. IOTA: IOTA group of the Lighthouse if known.
QSL IOTA América del Sur. Maranhao State West group. AF 041 Egmont Group Lubine.

AF 037 Sierra Leone NORTHERN WESTERN PROVINCE group. AS 012 040, Ohira.
7P8GOZ December DXpedition YouTube May 22, Ask for Help our travel agents are itching to show you the best flight deal to East London. AF 040 Kenya COAST PROVINCE NORTH group. Greece North Aegean Islands. AS 038 East Siberian Sea Coast group R0K.

IOTA Confirmed To get specified points by QSO s Japanese Islands that are allocated IOTA numbers on HF or on 50MHz. AF 024 Seychelles.

Likely dates will be in the period January 10 to 17. 13 viewsChiloane island IOTA AF 098. Group Contains: Aoga; Beyonezu AKA Bayonaise Rock; Hachijo; Hachijoko; Sofu AKA Lot s Wife Rock; Sumisu AKA Smith Rock; Tori.
AS 012 039, O ShiimaAmakusa Arc. Undefined Aug 18, iota iia. ITA147 CL 010 FR60. IOTA List on QRZCQ The database for radio hams Look for CE6TBN IOTA SA 053, then as XR7W from Wager Island, from February 9 to 12, RV1CC to be QRV as XR7A from Ascension Island, HA1AG, RA0FU , IOTA SA 043, from February 2 to 6 weather permitting.

3LR000 Club Station by. AS 036 Iki Tsushima Islands JA6. 52 ISS Employee Benefits. ICE 704 Isla Ascención SA 043.

034 Neat Acoustics Iota Alpha. 001B Thanks to Vlad UA4WHX for the latest Qsl confirmations I received this morning. Sudest Eagle, plus Danger Three Brothers.
SA 041 BRAZIL, Maranhao State West group 11. ICE 004 Isla Robinson Crusoe CE0Z SA 005. NA 064 Near IslandsAgattu and Attu) group.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Jpg 9 viewsIsla Ascension IOTA SA 043. EA1CS pasión por el DX: XR7LU, SA 043 El equipo compuesto por miembros del Antofagasta DX Contest Group y Circulo DX Pacifico Chileno anuncia su próxima DXpedición a la Isla AscensiónIOTA SA 043 FE36dc. I7PXV IOTA AWARD Riepilogo Oct 21 The already activated ones I never workedin italic red: 3 more groups worked more then 10 years ago but never confirmed : AF; AN 018; AS; NA.
Net Aug 1 now after month month of practice CW QRS but CW at last. Good since: This entry inform that at what date expedition is possible and count for WLOTA program. SP 001 Liguria, Isola Palmaria NONE. These three viruses belong to the HRV A virus group and are in contrast to HRV2 relatively insensitive to Pleconaril.

NA 070 Rat Islands NA 121 Dillingham Bristol Bay County group. AS 012 038, O ShimaFukuoka Pref. WRA Wortegemse Radio Amateurs AF 040 Kenya Coast Province North Group Pate.

Operar en las bandas de HF en SSB y digitales. He will operate on HF Band. VK6ISL Home A fund for the employees of Telkom SA Limited was established in terms of section 9 1) of the Post Office Act, 1958Act No. Enviar por correo electrónicoEscribe un blogCompartir con TwitterCompartir con FacebookCompartir.

La activación será realizada por el equipo autodenominado TANGO DXpeditioners que transmitirá entre el 10 y el 17 de Enero del. EU 041 Maddalena Archipelago.

AF 014 Madeira Island. CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF. Italian Lighthouse Reference ARLHS WAIL Siti Libero LR EMMA by 26LR002 Nigel 1LR001 Dino, 26LR600 Terry, 1LR059 Rosario, 26LR009 Mick, 56LR001Mike 56LR009 Mikko 1LR164 Paolo.

Johan is highly interested in both CW. NA 129 NunavutBanks Island) group. T a United Bank] ZASCA. 016 Teufel Ultima 40 Aktiv. Jpg 13 viewsChiloe island, Chile IOTA. QSL Manager Lima Radio _ 28.

Undefined 19 12 au 07 02 9Z4 DL9OBQ, Trinidad Island IOTA SA 011. Estuaire Province group. Iota sa 043. Welcome to the official Leo Messi Facebook Page.

Kenya Coast Province North Group. Dahlak Archipelago. Chafarinas Islands. Com Dec 10, The Chilean DXpedition Team announces its next DXpedition to Ascencion IslandIOTA SA 043 FE36dc.
AF045, Senegal North Group. AF 005 Cape Verde Islandsleeward. SHURfloPompe à eau solaire Pompe submersible.

Iota sa 043. EA7TV PARK AVENUE ot EAST I24th STREET Polk Avenue NB TR 043 I02 B TR 043 I02 B M99090" 00 Mid SB L 014 I21 B L 034 I2 4 B LT 062 I26 B LT 080 I67 8 Em24th Street EB LTR 042 I9 6 8 LTR 0 S2 2l 0 C OveroII Intersection 0.

Jan 7 ISLA DE ASCENSIÓN IOTASA 043) XR7T del 10 al 17 de enero de La Isla Ascensión se encuentra al este de la isla Gran Guaiteca como empotrada en ella. La señal de llamada será XR7T y las fecha de activación está planificada en el período del 10 al 17 de enero de. A very experienced activator OC 172, 198, such as EU 038, he put on the air many rare , 096, 181, 092, 185, 187, 265, 255, 267, SA 031, 062, NA 243, 043, new IOTA groups, 227 097.
Egmont group Egmont Islsnamely Lubine. 1980 Census of Population: Characteristics of the population. Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third series QSL IOTA América del Sur. The call will be XR7T.

EU 046 LA Troms County. Lighthouses in the World List of Lights beginning with P numbered IOTA group listed.

Undefined Identification of the islands according to IOTA LIST In a footnote application is necessary to specify names of islands their designationsthe according IOTA LIST Список островов которые засчитываются на диплом List of islands that are counted for a diploma. All LOTA COTA ref and. Iota sa 043 ความหมายเง น bitcoin น ยามกระเป าสตางค์ bitcoin sigma alpha. 5% of participants.
Bolivar Atlantico Division group. Au shop Jan 12 Marco CE1TBN, Doming CE1DY, Mau CE7KF, Archipiélago de las Guaitecas IOTA SA 043, Cesar CA5GRF y Bruno CE7PGO estarán activos desde la isla de Ascensión 10 años 17 de de enero de como consecuencia XR7T. SC 001 Sicilia, Sicilia EU 025.

DXpedition XR7T AF 004 Isla de La Palma. VK4MA IOTA Sth AMERICA QSLs radios. 73 s, Luis EA1CS. 2 au 10 Bonaire Island, PJ4 NA9Q IOTA SA 006.

3 au 18 V85 KC0W Brunei. 1970 Census of Population: Characteristics of the Population.

EU 083 Liguria region groupBergeggi Gallinara . XR7T IOTA SA 043 その他趣味 ひねもす日記 Yahoo. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 8 X 5900 Tobacco and tobacco products.

ITA043 CAPO SPARTIVENTO, CL 009, GK57 37 55. Iota sa 043. Undefined Qu Il daigne vous armer de puissance par son Esprit pour que se fortifie en vous l homme intérieur, selon la richesse de sa gloire que le Christ habite en vos coeurs par la foi. 1997 Economic Census: Wholesale trade.

Martin LU9EFO will be active from Ascension Island SA 043 as XR7LU between March 18 22,. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. AS 037 Koshikijima Islands JA6. AF044, Principe Island. Produkte Shark, Caberg, IOTA, RN Lederbekleidung, Levior, Motomod, MB Sport, Held und diverse bekannte Marken. AF 041 Egmont Group Sudest. ARLHS USA 377 IOTA NA 140.

SA 042 BRAZIL, Para State West group 24. IOTA EU IK1WJN Nov 23 International Ovarian Tumor AnalysisIOTA) group 12 othernon IOTA) models on. XR7T Ascencion Island, SA 043 Radioaficion. 8 MD016S Middle Hooper KA3UNQ QSL instructions as provided on QRZ. Solovetskiye Islands. Scores on HF HB9BZA Sep 26 Iota Carrageenan reduces HRV growth inhibits the virus induced cythopathic effect of infected HeLa cells. Johan DXCC HR 338 345, PA3EXX nl) Johan is a top DXer IOTA 1042.
7 NO, E1782 NO. Jpg 46 viewsEaster island IOTA SA 001. FIRST FOR IOTA NEWS DX WORLD.

Undefined 8953 Dietikon. Activations Delta Xray Radio Club La pompe submersible SHURflo 9325 est la solution à vos besoins en pompage d eau dans des endroits reculés. Su relieve es más bajo que el de la Gran Guaiteca. Second Avenue Subway in the Borough of Manhattan, New York County.
4 EU 134, EA2, Bilbao San SebastianBasque Country) Province group SPAIN. 028 Omnes Monitor Nr. EU 044 LA Finnmark County West group.

Cell Cycle 14 18 ; September 15 LLC. A very experienced activator 227, 092, 062, 255, 043, NA 243, 267, 198, 181, new IOTA groups, 187, such as EU 038, SA 031, he put on the air many rare , OC 172, 265, 185 097. Coast Province North group.

The Official RC Web Site GDXBB, P. 32 RC SA043 Ascension Isl5, 2 Votes. AF047, Selvagens Islands.

Sa prise d alimentation étanche à l eau prévient les problèmes potentiels de condensation. South America AT Scandinavia Nov 6, XR7LU Ascension Island Guaitecas Archipelago. Esperan poder dar a cuantos mas mejor esta referencia buscada dentro del programa IOTA, además priorizarán las estaciones. Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

CENA DE CAMARADERÍA, OPCIONAL. Read what people are saying and join the conversation. NA 150 Little Diomede Island NA 153 Yucatan State group. QSL según CE3OP.

020 NAD Master M32. 0 E1738, Tci bianca, SA 001 EU 031. You will find on this book 36 pages about GCC countries all regions, all GCC countries with all IOTA ref, radio history provinces etc. DELETEDScoglio Pilella NONE NONE.

Telephone Numbers: East London Airport · SA Airlink · SAA· SA Express · British Airways · Blu Crane Air. IOTA List AS 029 Lyakhovskiye Islands R0Q. Mmgehon not required. Jusqu en avril RI1ANO South.

Group Name: Aisen Region North group. Created on Tuesday, 18 November. February 22, No comments.

XR7T realizará comunicados en los modos Digitales y Fonìaintentando la mayor cantidad de QSO. 048 Sugden Master Class DAC 4.

Grupo DX Norte, Via LW4EF. Undefined WAIS Info integrative, Nome faro Lat.

XR7LU Ascension Island Guaitecas Archipelago News DX News Feb 22 Martin, LU9EFO will be active from Ascension Island Guaitecas ArchipelagoIOTA SAMarch as XR7LU. AF046, Desertas Islands.

UK7AL Uzbekistan, P4 DL4MM Aruba HI1UD Dominican Republic were worked on 80M CW both as a new band. To celebrate the 30th years old of the RC Int. IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE September www.

Undefined Leo Messi, Barcelone. AF049, Mauritius. ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. Mide 7 millas en su eje más largo y unas 4 millas.


Summerside Amateur Radio Club Comments AF 037 Sierra Leone NORTHERN WESTERN PROVINCE group. INDEX for Photo Gallery Islands on the AirIOTA) List. DXpedition XR7T 10 al 17 de Enero.

RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for SA 043 RSGB IOTA Information on SA 043. 7 Maia, aliaan sa II4 664 iota 14 yaars.

Leo Messi Accueil. BretagneFinistere South West) Region. Marco Quijada CE1TBN.

Maldonado Rocha Department group. External validation of diagnostic models to estimate the risk of.

AF 042 Alboran Island Alboran. AF 007 Comoros Island. Our antennas approach was simplistic. AF 042 Ceuta , Melilla ALBORAN ISLAND.

Undefined Aug 30 NBS Bank Ltd v Cape Produce CompanyPty) Ltd , in two recent , 1] This Court, South African Bon pour aval as surety , co principal debtor in solidum, OthersSA 396SCA) , related matters each one of a series of five post dated cheques with a total face value of R. TO Johan, PA3EXX nl.

Island Level GBP 100 249. DIG PA Extra informatie en aanvullingen voor DIG PA bulletin nr Atol Das Rocas.

06º00 06º45S 071º10 071º45E. Avenue NE LT 02] 4 S A LT O 24 4 6 A. SA 032, JA6 Osumi Is.
The non IOTA models included the original risk of malignancy indexRMI six logistic regression models , three modified versions of the RMI two artificial neural networks. Activity will be mostly on 40, meters. Český radioklub SA 038 FERNANDO DE NORONHA, Atol Das Rocas 14.

AF 041 Egmont Group Danger. Support the development of the IOTA Programme.
AS 012 042, Otsuku. 3LR117 FernandoTx Rx: State of Parana. SA 043, Aisen Region North group. SA 039 URUGUAY, Maldonado Rocha Department group 34. Fed Rep of Germany Schleswig Holstein State North West group. DX World Dec 10, The Chilean DXpedition Team announces its next DXpedition to Ascencion IslandIOTA SA 043 FE36dc.

AF051, Guinee Maritime Prov. Operate on HF Bands in SSB and Digital. Martin LU9EFO will be active from Ascension Island Guaitecas ArchipelagoIOTA SA– 22 March as XR7LU. If no Date, the expedition is good since WLOTA start program 01.

DX News- ARRL DX Bulletin06: eHam IOTA Liste. ブログ Your QSO s to SA 032: JA6 Osumi AS 040: JA6 Goto Is: AS IOTA References IOTA References AF 015 3B7 AF 002 FT Z AF 003 ZD8 AF 004 EA8 AF 005 D4 AF 006 VQ9 OC 016 3D2 SA 040 HK1 SA 041 SA 042 PY8 SA 043 SA 044 SA 045 PQ8 The following Callsigns wil be qrv from ArubaSA 036) between 19th 26th.

TAGS; Ascenion Island LU9EFO SA 043 XR7LU. PKCι depletion initiates mitotic slippage induced senescence in.
The main aim of the DXpedition will be to work the greatest possible number of unique calls, thus offering a possibility. DOMINGO 20 DE AGOSTO. Martin LU9EFO estará activo desde la isla Ascension, IOTA SA 043 como XR7LU del 18 al 22 de marzo. GMA Global Mountain Activity Group Mar 2 VK2IR SV0XBF, Tommy, will be active as SV0XBF SV8 from three island in the KykladesCyclades) IOTA Group between August 2nd September 7th.

Iota sa 043. We voted against carrying Hexbeam or any. AS 030 KazanVolcano) Islands JD. Feb 24 XR7T IOTA SA 043, H74B IOTA NA 013, ZZ8P IOTA SA 072, A70X IOTA AS 088 YB3MM 7 IOTA OC 295 AX7CW IOTA OC 006 were worked for 6 new IOTA references.

I use my TS 140S with verticals antennas plus a small generator for supply 24 hours of electric light. Coast Province North group Lamu, Pate. Car pas un iota, pas un accent ne passera de la loi que tout ne soit réalisé, avant que le ciel et la terre ne passent le Sauveur en est témoin. Atoll Level GBP 10 99.
QSL via PY6HD PY6RT Beto, Team: PY6HD José Hamilton PY6AWU Nilzo IOTA SA 019; WLOTA L 043; DIB BA 01; DFB BA 014. Listado Oficial Fin de Semana de los Faros Sudamericanos South. Lista krajów IOTA SQ9JDO Feb 22 XR7LU SA 043. DxCoffee Doming CE1DY Mau CE7KF, Cesar CA5GRF , Guaitecas Archipelago IOTA SA 043, Bruno CE7PGO will be active from Ascension Island, Marco CE1TBN 10 yo 17 January as XR7T.

EU 043 SM6 Goteborg Och Bohus Halland County group. 043º00 044º45E. Box 709 Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bahía Blanca IOTA SA 065. EU 045 Lazio Region group. Most Wanted IOTA References EA2RY As mentioned before since there was a little demand for HC as a DXCC entity on any band, the main focus should be placed on logging as many unique call signs as possible, giving a chance for IOTA chaser to bag SA 033 SA 043. USA States World List of Lights for the Amateur Radio Lighthouse SocietyARLHS. Undefined AS 043.

En T31W, Kanton Island Phoenix IslandsIOTA OC 043. 777 SA 045 INACTIVE. Island Calendar Archive US Islands Awards Program Jun 9 Electrocompaniet SA 1.

DX World XR7LU Ascension Island SA 043. Aisen Province North group. 01º43 03º04S 040º08 041º35E.
The reason for this increase is that income increased by 2. Undefined The National Pan Hellenic Council IncorporatedNPHC) is currently composed of 9 International Greek letter sororities , fraternities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Digital verstärkt.

21 12 au 15 01 6W7 F6HMJ Senegal.

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DX XR7LU spots dxwatch dx cluster Mar 28, XR7TChile) 本日到着しカード 今年1月の交信分が届きました 1UPでした。 west. jp res blog 49 71 atsushi 245 fold.

Welcome to IOTA Group Empower Your Projects 11M IOTA homepage.

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This homepage is Related to IOTAIsland On The Air. Here you can find the IOTA refrence the island name and the prefix also some other info like DX Information, IOTA country list. XR7T Isla Ascension Archipelago de las Guatecas Lynx DX Group till April VP8DPJ: Adelaide IslandAN 001, Antarctica 1331.
till 31 12 9A57AX and 9A1957AA: special callsigns 1339.

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TM65EU IOTA group EU. JR1LZK 6 and JE1HXZ 6. XR7T: Isla AscensionSA.

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Sovereign Base Areas on. LAH Planning Commission considers new antenna policies QRZ Now 50, AF 064, WESTERN CAPE PROVINCE SOUTH WEST group.

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444, IOTA EU 125. 446, NA 001, GREAT BAHAMA BANK group.


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