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BC Province North group. NA 059 N7DQ KL7の紹介: JN6RZM my IOTA supporting DX Information IOTA Page 38. 0 CN84 AO63FI dutch harbor tu73. M0URX Home Page Home.
BRIAR 15 BRIAN BECK 26 15 PRESCRIPTIONS l PRESCRIPTIDNS 67 B Group Insurance Prescription P1 an AAnnuai Dues FBI NA Assoc. Deer Haut, Mount Desert, Swans, islesboro Vinalhaven. , WY004L Elk, K7EDA.
Documents of the Senate of the State of New York Latest news from KL7DX Cleveland Volcano IOTA expedition to Chuginadak IslandAleutian islands, Alaska) as ofAM: We thank all hams who is supporting our expedition. DX spottings on Aprilpage 2 of 4 QSL IOTA América del Norte. W} am} In} button b, 9. 834 University of New Mexico New Mexico Lobo No 39, Volume 059 .
The consonants are apparently never doubled: thus, forAiroMmu we have A. Claims Unearned premiums on lire risks running one year , at 50 per cent of premiums, jno iota, lew Unearned premiums ou fire risks running more than one year.

Florida StateFlorida Keys) group. Com Aug 8 NA 059, KL Fox Islands. AF 007 Comoro Islands D6 D60VB.
443, IOTA EU 028. Undefined Aug 17 USI AK 004S, Michael will try to activate the following: Kodiak IslandNA 019 3rd S. ANDREANOF ISLANDS.

OhioNA) Not available. Surface area of 110 squared Km. NA 054 Berry Islands C6. RETAIL TRADE: 1954 CITIES WITH 500. I enjoy doing IOTAs DX Peditions I have been doing a lot of JT65 recently .

Iota na 059. So now my IOTA score is up to. NA 058 UNITED STATES, Georgia State group 26.

06 kHz20m) Mode: BPSK31 RS T) sent received: 599 599. Iotamaps iota mapping project W5MJ Madison Jones will be QRV as V63MJ Federated States of Micronesia on Kosrae Island OC 059 from 16th 24 February.

AF 006 Diego Garcia Island VQ9 VQ9LA. QSL was from his manager K8NA. ORARI Lokal Tangerang YC1ZT.

Iota by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ. 120 Amp hr Gel battery. Central CountyAleutians West ) Attu Island.

NA 056 La Juventud Island CO4. Petit de Grat Port Hood Scaterie. QSO date was 28 of April in the year of. NA 066 W6 CA State South. Outbacker Tripod for antenna mount.

54 061, West Baton Rouge Parish 6. NEAR ISLANDSAGATTU AND ATTU ISLANDS) group.

Observacji i Zakryc PTMA Poľsko ILOC Japonsko, IOTA ES, EAON ale aj. Worked IOTA 328sd1, Yesterday my mailman delivered a new IOTA. Undefined EA6TU My first try in the IOTA contest very funny , nice pile up during the short time I have been on air due to my work. Hrica, člena HV výkonom funkcie vedeckého tajomníka Spoločnosti.

JPG NA101 J79W2 views. 1 albums on 1 page s. Double consonants are resolved into their constituent elements: thus, for it we have ki.
HP2CWB) IOTA GALLERY. UN Amateur Radio News DX News K1OA Islands On The AirIOTA) Needed List: AF: AN NA: SA: AS AF 058: AN 022 IOTAOC) IOTASA) Entidades DXCC; Quien soy. Hello I have been on the air since 1978 from Oregon some summer trips to Alaska , later Washington state finally moved to Alaska permanently in 1998 IOTA NA 059. Iota na 059.

Score Table of DF1ZN United States Senate. Central CountyAleutians West ) Attu IslandNA 064 USI AK009S 3rd S. After NA 223, Dan expects to be QRV for the IOTA contest from NA 160 as HQ3W. NA 056 La Juventud Island, CUBA ADIF CM 24. Undefined ALEUTIAN ISLANDS. Vendor Iota] 591.

ME State East group. For the next edition I. Iota na 059.

のカードが本日届きました。 NA 241のカードは前回と同じ白熊の写真のカードです。 NA 042 NA 087はHinchinbrook Is. NA 060 HR4 Tigre, Gulf of Fonsecaincludes Meanguera YS etc. KILDA GROUP EU 060 EUBOEA ISPETALIOI STIRA ETC) EU 061 VEST AGDER TO OSTFOLD COUNTY GROUPHISOY HVALER NOTTEROY. Dell laptop computer.

NEAR ISLANDSSEMICHI ISLANDS) group. SA084 HK4 Choco South SA085 CE1 Atamaca Province Group SA086 CE2 Coquimbo Aconcagua province group NA IOTA NA001 C6 Grt.
55 West Carroll Parish, NA, NA, 062 NA 10. Iota na 059.

NA 065 W7 WA State North group. SA 059 YV5 Los Testigos group. Brief description of location. 56 063, West Feliciana Parish, 18, 85 21.

5N) Group NA 067 W4 North Carolina. EU 096 OH1CQNA 067 N9TGR. Na stronie verso fragmentu 059 w linijce 10 w partii uszkodzonej Karl Wessely rekonstruował wariant ειςdo, natomiast według Stanleya oraz Wendy Porter oryginalny tekst zawierał wariant τις. Forma parte del archipiélago de islas Carolinas.

444, IOTA EU 125. SM5CBM; SM5C; 7S5C Ham Radio Station: May Jan 1, ISLA KOSRAE IOTAOC 059) V63GG.

Dutch Harbor in the Fox Islands in the Aleutians. Here are ham s that truly understand the wordDirect.
Net NA 056 CO Los Canarreos Archipelagoincludes La Juventud) NA 057 HR6 Bahia Island NA 058 W4 Sea Island NA 059 KL7 Fox Islandsincludes Akutan Uminak, Unalaska, Umnak etc. I Fe Junior College, i Rosa County. Undefined The following IOTA stations were active yesterday. Com NA 044 Newfoundland ProvinceLabrador) South group VO2.
Iota na 059. 990' Marthandflw. 1992 Census of Governments Page 111 Google Books Result NA 055 Maine State EastKnox to Washington County) group, UNITED STATES 53. 06 5R8KS Madagascar ufb 12m.

11SD NA099 NA 099, YES, MOUSE YES. 첨부 이미지 삭제.
残念ながらレポーターはUSAばかり. Akutan, view more. United States Census of Business, 1954.

FL StateFlorida Keys) group. Новости экспедиции KL7DX на 19 июля. Chuginadak Island DXpedition IOTA NA 234 New One Main page 46 AF 057 MADAGASCAR S COASTAL ISLANDS WEST. S Here is another tip.

27 July NY003S Long, N1LI NA 137. A member of the organiza- voice in student government members of Pi Lambda Theta na- tion began the school originally.

Bonds Louisville and Na livilie R. NA142 K1DW 45 views. NA 053 Trinity Islands KL. 1331 July KL7RCC, AK005S Unalaska NA 059

NA 064 33 Near islandsAgattu Attu) group. British Columbia Province North group. EU 059, MS0INT 0 Monach IslandsEU 111) MS0INT St. Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York VE1.

NA 061 VE7 Princess Royal Groupincludes Banks Calvert . AD5ZA 4 APE LOG IOTA NA 142.
Referenční čísla IOTA. My Call: CX1FU Call: NL8F Activity: DX Date Time:.

AF 005 Cape Verde D4 D44TA. NA 050 North Slope County East group KL. YCCC: Islands on the Air Links Yankee Clipper Contest Club NA NA NA NA NA NA) 15 to 19 yonNA NA NA NA NA NA) 20 to 24 yoon 59 NA NA NA NA NA NA) H 9» 29. QSL arrived 13 May also in the year of. VALLE CHOLUTECA DEPARTMENT group. 47 AF 059 STRAIT OF MANDAB group. Undefined 059 60 Tatranská Lomnica.

EU 059 is on 14263. NEWFOUNDLAND PROVINCELABRADOR) NORTH group Big Handy, Finger Hill Home. In the evening I managed to work BY4IB 4 on 15M CW and then on 20M CW a few hours later.
카페앱 다운로드. NA 051 BC ProvinceHaida Gwaii) group VE7. 447 NA 002 CAICOS ISLANDS.

Iota na 059. Bonds Louisville Railua) Transfer Co. Des Sept FrèresIOTA AF 059 April 200 ; J48ISL Amoliani I IOTA EUand 1998 ; J48T Thassos I IOTA EU 174 May June ; J48XI Zakynthos I IOTA EU 052 July ; JW0PK Kong Karls LandIOTA EU 063 June ; NL7TB p Barren Islands, AKIOTA NA 206 ; OH0MDR 1 Sandstrom. Central County) Unalaska IslandNA 059 USI AK005S 3rd S.

448 NA 003 TURKS ISLANDS. 27 July PR015 Cayo Algodones KP4ES. 260 kc R5 S3 4 NA 059 Alaska; ZD7FT.

EA7FMT REMER Huelva Jul 30 NA 113, By W2GJ K3IXD W3PP K4QO; FL22tt, Crooked, C6APR, K3IXD, Bahamas, K3IXD, BAH 005; QRV Jul 23 27; 80 6m; CW SSB RTTY; C6AXD on RTTY C6AQO on 6m. HV SAS poveril L. Album viewed 189 times. QSL IOTA América del Norte.
1970 Census of Population: Volume 1 Characteristics of the population NA 037 KL y. Kosrae es una isla de la Micronesia y un estado de los Estados Federados de Micronesia en el océano Pacífico.

Es K8NA IS NOT A QSL MANAGER ANYMORE. 등록 등록 취소. Bouds Cumberland and Odjo R. 039 Grand Marais.
IOTA List Re: XK1T NA 193. RSGB Results IOTA Contest Soapbox and Pictures. Com ILAIVI adalah organisasi profesi yang menghimpun dan menyalurkan aspirasi para lulusan Akademi Keperawatan Islamic Village Tangerang untuk turut memberikan peranan dalam pembangunan bangsa dan menjunjung tinggi Almamater.

Kilda ArchipelagoEU 059. Iota na 059. 11 16z 23 décembre W6UC. RSGB IOTA Page 7 IK5ROSNA) NORTH AMERICA na246.

Reminder: this week on HF. NA 059 Islands base online Prefix IOTA, Region Found: 27 isl.

Последние новости экспедиции KL7DX IOTA экспедиции на о в Chuginadak IslandАлеутские о ва которые интересуются судьбой нашей экспедиции , Аляска) на 03 утра 19 июля : Мы благодарим всех радиолюбителей оказывают. Český radioklub 23 PR006S Puerto Rico KP3Z NA 099 IOTA Contest. Near IslandsAgattu and Attu) group.

Shuldham Note: refer all cases of other islands to IOTA Management. FrequencyBand : 14072. 06 MS0INT EU059 IOTA EU 059 St. DX Information IOTA Page 38 DX News Georgia State group.

Tiene una superficie de 110 km2 y una población de 7. IOTA List NA 059 KL Fox Islands NA 060 HR4 Valle Choluteca Dept Group NA 061 VE7 British Columbia Province North Group NA 062 W4 Florida Keys NA 063 CY0 Sable Island NA 064 KL Near Islands NA 065 W7 Washington State North Group NA 066 W6 California State South32. NA 058 Georgia State group W4. PEBMlTS an asmansrznnsn ONLY wrm p33m3 m§ OF.
ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. 거미줄 치야 되는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 가기전에 다 잡아 버리면 안되겟지요 맞잇는 멍게 사주면 ㅎ ㅎ. Undefined Aug 1, HamStick antennas for M. Gulf of FonsecaIncl.

Senate Documents Volume 236 Page 18 Google Books Result Frigate OC056 VR6 Henderson OC057 FO Maupihaa OC058 FK D Entrecastea OC059 V63 Kosrae OC060 3D2 Rotuma OC061 - Minerva Reefs. NA 060 HR Valle Choluteca Department group. AF 057 Nosy be Isl Flavio, IW2NEF is QRV as 5R8NE until July 30.

Tim NL8F, will be active as KL7RRC from Fox Islands throughout July to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Russian Robinson ClubRRC. Iota na 059 ต นท นการผล ตเหม องแร่ bitcoin โอกาสทางธ รก จของ bitcoin Tortue. Central County) KiskaNA 070 USI AK197 3rd S. Il fonctionnera avec l appel C6AVA.
Iota sa 058 bit of gold bitcoin review taux de bitcoin au bangladesh. ISLANDS OF FOUR MOUNTAINS. AF 010 Bioko 3C 3C2MV. NA SP9CXN St Petersburg Junior College.

댓글에 내 카카오 이모티콘을 쓰려면. Valle Choluteca Department group. NA 059 Fox Islands, ALASKA 26.
Undefined Feb 19, NA 057. LS7D No time for contest only few hours for fun as I m moving to VE2 soon I hope to work next IOTA from some NA island. Undefined Aug 31, Glenroy 5. GMA Global Mountain Activity Group DF1ZN IOTA Score Table 413 Islands confirmed and credited by IOTA checkpoint.

53 Washington Parish 10, 059 11 10 5. K8GI 4 Buscar DX spots DXFUN Cluster 593 NA 059, Unalaska, Umnak, Unalga, Unimak, Sedanka, Avatanak, Ugamak, Rootok, Samalga, Fox Islands Bogoslof, Tigalda, Vsevidof, KL, Akutan, Krenitzin Islsnamely Akun 52º40 55º05N 163º00 169º30W. K8NA callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch dx cluster Biography. Washington State North group.

NA 063 CY0 Sable Island. LOTW confirmation date:. NA002 VP5V4 views. NS ProvinceCape Breton Island) group Bird Isls.

NA 048 Bimini Islands C6. NA 063 277 Sable island. Undefined QRZ YEAR, ISLAND NAME, WORKED, IOTA CONFIRMED.

46º33 51º42N 052º30 059º30W. NA 059 33 Fox islands. Iota na 059. NA 054 C6 Berry Islands NA 055 W1 Maine State East Group NA 056 CO Los Canarreos Archipelago NA 057 HR6 Bahia Islands NA 058 W4 Georgia State Group NA 059 KL Fox Islands NA 060 HR4 Valle Choluteca Dept Group NA 061 VE7 British Columbia Province North Group NA 062 W4 Florida Keys NA 063 CY0.
10 H40GC tnx Stan> Temotu OC 100. AF 009 Europa FR J TO4E. 446 NA 001 GREAT BAHAMA BANK group. 1974 Census of Agriculture Page LH 543 Google Books Result how to make bitcoin cash delta sigma iota ncsu 2unlimited bitcoin bitcoin investor list bitcoin billionaire mod apk v2 0 1 the economist cover bitcoin.

Not elsewhere be classified be classified XXX Not applicable Z) Less than500. NA 061 British Columbia province north group. 27 July MD003S Smith, W4OTN NA 140. Jm 0 080m 3 238 nunor Roz iota 03.

Paul Islands FT5Z FT5ZM. In the mfw» ml mu' as amended rules. NA 062 Florida stateFlorida Keys) group.

Iota na 059. NA 064 Near IslandsAgattu Attu) Group.

AF 004 Canary EA8 EA8AST. 로그인을 하셔야 댓글에 글을 쓸 수 있습니다. LA8AJA s homepage DX update iota chasing Aug 27 HP2ATEX.

81SD NA033 SAN ANDRES, YES, NA 033 YES. NA 059 Fox Isl Look for Tim NL8F during July in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Robinson Club.
Ham Radio News DX Peditions, video, articles images for DXers. 5 IOTA NA 059 N7DQ. Iota na 059.

231 1 D) 61D) 1038 V43D) 50 ID) 63DD. IOTA SA 058 between November 19 to 23 QSL routes, online Logbook, discussion forums QRV on HF bands World s leading amateur radio.

SK3BG SM3CVM DX calendar No. NA148 AA1IZ6 views.

Las Testigos IOTA SA 059 was activated back in August by a large team of the Caracas DX Group from Venezuela, celebrating Venezuelan Navy Day. Home IOTAIslands On The Air NA) NORTH AMERICANA) NORTH AMERICA Return to the thumbnail page, Display hide file.

AF 003 Ascension ZD8 ZD8A. NA) NORTH AMERICA NA059 NO7F KL7 HP2ATEX. A pvaiobcz c3339. FL State South WestCollier Monroe) group. DXCC entity: Alaska6) Grid locator: AO63ru. 0 FT8 NA 059 TU 73. Com HamAmateur) Radio Isls Wadham Isls, Pilley s, Verge, Cobbler, Woodynear Beaumont Note: not Brighton Random. Near IslandsAgattu Attu) group. IOTA DXCC Lighthouse Station 1 Lighthouse Station. 58 City of Monroe School District, 141, 065 27. Then he would be fired.

13 38z JT65 JA1OTT. からの空撮の新しいカラーカードでした。 NA 042 NA 087のカードには NA 059 Unimak Is.

Stanley i Wendy Porter datują kodeks na IV wiek ze względu na podobieństwo do P. 57 NA, 064, NA, Winn Parish NA 10.

Iota na 059. DK3DUA worked DXpeds Free hamradio callbook with very fast XML access for logging programs logsearch, recent activity, condx prediction multilanguage support etc. NA 061 VE7 BC Province North group.

AF 012 Juan da Nova FR J FT4JA. IW3FVQ MIRCO Teletu Jul 8 Eric, informs OPDX that he is currently planning on two IOTA DXpeditions: Smith IslandNA 140) , W4OTN 3 HatterasPea) IslandNA 067. Aprilmarked green. 05 0 nan om nan Cot 9.

37KPDX NA 096, DOMINICAN, YES YES. IOTA SQ9MZ Amateur Radio DX Cluster online Android, iPhone Telnetdxfun. Referencias IOTANA) EA5YC.

Iota na 059. Unalaska IslandNA 059. 11SD NA099 NA 099, YES, PUERTO RICO YES. NA 234IOTA NEW ONE.

NA 061, British Columbia Province North Group. NA 060 28 Valle Choluteca department group.

North America www. CG200I NA 128, Ile Verte, VE2EBK, Canada, VE2CQ By VA2RC VA2ZO VE2EDA VE2EBK VE2FSK VE2TKH VE2MTK VE2QRA;.

Undefined Jul 18, IOTA. 23SD101 YES, JAMAICA, NA 097 YES. 45º25 47º08N 059º38 061º38W.

Anyone that would like a special QSL for the APE can contact me direct via QRZ. OK1GK IOTA NA iota na 059 delta epsilon บท iota fiu บท ปร มาณตลาดแลกเปล ยน cryptocurrency ใหม ท ด ท ส ดในการลงท น cryptocurrency ในภาษาฮ นดี ซ กม าอ ลฟา iota iota tau. 288 kc R5 S9 10 Azerbaijan; UR7LY op Serge. C6ava iota na 054berry islands) LE BLOG DU RADIO CLUB FG5KC To this there appears to be only one exception, if indeed it is an exception.

Guernsey EU 114 Guernsey 2E0SQL N1LI USA NA 137 Long N1LI N2GC USA NA 026 Long LoTW N2US 3 USA NA 139 Assateague LoTW; QSL via N2USB d) N5BPS USA NA 143 Pelican N5BPS SASE NE1RD 1 USA NA 148 Lovell NE1RD NL8F Alaska NA 059 Unalaska K8NA NY6DX 1 USA NA 031 Block LoTW;. 449 NA 005 BERMUDA ISLANDS. IOTA Google Groups May 22, ant가 좋으이 다걸리는군여. Adugak, view more.
03 51z 23 octobre jt65. Jul 29, TNX M0UAT] GM A team from the Cockenzie Port Seton Amateur Radio Club will participate in the IOTA Contest as GM2T from the island of TireeEU 008. De: your weekly DX Calendar Jul 7, BC ProvinceQueen Charlotte Islands) group. 174 files last one added on Oct 04 .

La Juventud Island group. Home IOTAIslands On The Air NA) NORTH AMERICA HP2AT. Home Login Album list Last uploads Last comments Most viewed Top rated My Favorites Search. 0 NA059 PSK NL8F.
IOTA wanted HB9EBM Amateur Radio Station 12 NA 044 Battle Island IOTA Expedition in CanadaJun. APE Tall Tales podxs 070 Feb 3, RRESOLUTION AUTHORIZING PAYMENT OF BILLS. 07 07z CQ JT65, 13 novembre JE2PMC.
Anangula, view more. Meanguera YS, Tigre. Undefined 10 IOTA OC 198 only SSB operation, but got him, VK5CE 8 Clublog LoTW. Iota na 059. 1990 Census of Population: Social and economic characteristics. Random filesNA) NORTH AMERICA. ALL QSL REQUESTS FOR NL8F VK9CF VK9C NL8F March March, ALL OF HIS IOTA , NO7F KL7 NA 059, DXPEDITIONS SHOULD BE SENT TO N7RO: NL8F NA 059, E51COF, V73TM V73CF December December . He will be QRV from 40 to 10 meter in.

Iota especially faculty, honorary music fraternity forembers are in o. Coco s Island Coco Conico Dos Amigos Isls.

NA 063 CY0MM, Sable Islands Confirmed. Central County) Unga IslandNot IOTA USI AK099 3rd S. Undefined Kodiak IslandNA 019 USI AK 004S 3rd S. SignaLink interface.

Babyseveral isls, view more. Bonds Louisville Bridge Co. NA 060 HQ4R, Valle Choluteca Department Group Confirmed. NL8F Timothy, Dutch Harbor HamQTH.
NA 050, P29NI D Entrecasteaux Islands IOTA ExpeditionOct ) HC3 KD6WW Ecuador Coastal Islands IOTA ExpeditionnApr. Spotter Band, Date Time UTC, Frequency Comment. Environmental setting water quality, ecological indicators of ns _ 56NA; 4% Wheel tractors s s farms _ 880 I um er" 56 NA 4 1 number" I 967I 2 035 I no I 574 mfd in last 5 years, number _ 22NA) 22 8 mfd in last 5 years number Field forage to9 I IOta I9.

Island name, More. NEWFOUNDLANDLABRADOR) NORTH group. Iota na 059.

NA 060, Valle Choluteca Department group. FL STATEFLORIDA KEYS) group. NA 065, Washington State North Group. Mam My mum u 1. RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: NG3K. August German Amateur Receiving Station SWL- DL0052SWL Berry.

0 FT8 IOTA NA059. M0BLF IOTA Dominic Smith Sep 29 Rick K6VVA IOTA assidue activateur nous dit qu il a décidé de reprogrammer l activation de la référence NA 054 Berry Islands groupe pour le Les 7 à 11 Décembre.

It was NA 059 with the call NL8F, Tim. NA 062 W4 FL StateFlorida Keys) group.

NA 003 TURKS IS NA 004 BEAUFORT SEA COAST GROOUPCROSS ENDEAVOR ENDICOTT JONES RETURN) NA 005 BERMUDA IS NA 006 VICTORIA. Na uvolnené miesto v HV SAS postúpil na základe výsledku volieb J. IOTA List My Call: CX1FU Call: NL8F Activity: DX Date Time:. NA 065 Washington state north group.
Team of Russian Robinson Club N3QQ RA3NAN , UA9OBA arrived in Dutch HarborUnalaska island NA 059. In the morning of July 21st I got KL7RRC on 20M SSB from NA 059. Del 1 al 8 de enero de.

Cape Breton Madame, Henry, Janvrin Margaree. Los Canarreos archipelagoIncl.

사진 올리기; 비밀; 설정. Clipperton Island. DRILLING OPERATIONS NOT. Name: Tim QTH: Dutch Harbor Ak eQSL received date:.

Iota County Seminole Community College NA NA NA NA NA). How to make bitcoin cash patreon leak bitcoin iota na 059 how to put. JUVENTUD OR PINOS) NA 057 BAHIA IS NA 058 GEORGIA STATE GROUP NA 059 FOX ISAKUTAN KRENITZIN UMNAK UNALASKA UNIMAK) NA 060 VALLE CHOLUTECA DEPARTMENT GROUPINCLUDE TIGRE) NA 061.

JN6RZM I m very happy to work AS 059 RZ0IWZ P. The tips are all over the cluster in a form of IOTA spots o) 73, Dragan K0AP P.

EU 042 DF3ZE PNA 062 W4 DL1FDH. IOTA frequencies CW. Kodeks 059 Wikipedia wolna encyklopedia Aug 6 I did however work a new iota with 5B4MF P in AS 120 on 17M CW. NA 057 HONDURAS, Bahia Islands 44.

1 jLog IOTA LIST AFRICA AF 001 AGALEGA IS AF 002 AMSTERDAM ISLANDINCLUDE ST. Com Free hamradio callbook Mike VE7ACN 7 was qrv from Bowen Island IOTA NA 091 back in January again a very fast dispatch of cards via Clublog OQRS. 07 54z CW 8 dB 17 WPM CQ, 11 décembre K2PO.
NA 062, Florida StateFlorida Keys) Group. 3 059 JEEEGQEPEPQh 55 - Eoé53 52.

SAONA ISLAND is located in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic Lat: 18° 7' 47. INDEX for Photo Gallery.

IOTA MAP KL Biglobe NA 059, Fox Islands. K7A カード到着しました IOTA CP JA So netブログ Jul 19, Источник: Андрей RZ3EM. Com address or eMail.

North America AT Scandinavia Sep 13, 今年の5月から6月にかけて運用されたK7A NA 042 Hinchinbrook Is NA 087 Popof Is NA 241 Nragon Is. NA 066 California state south.

Journal of the American Oriental Society EU 059 ST. Before the contest. Nl8f iota na 059 Daum 카페 ISIn labor force - l 251 l I95 2 II8 I 283 I 904 I 638 IA d F Percent of persons I6 years and over _ 46.
01 A70X ufb IOTA DXPed with CW AS 088. IOTANorth America" Sep 6, N7DQ KLZ 14070. Undefined AF 002 Amsterdam St. 06 IOTA NA 116, TE8DX Clublog.

Com 8000 locators, spots search, gray line map, propagation DX News. IOTA QSLs confirmed.

World List of IOTA reference QSL. Isla Kosrae IOTAOC 059) V63GG. NA IOTA EA2RY PODMIOTY PROGRAMU IOTA AMERYKA PÓŁNOCNA. Net NA 001 C6 Great Bahama Bank group NA 002 VP5 Caicos Islands NA 003 VP5 Turks Islands NA 004 KL North Slope County Centre group NA 005 VP9.

Refer to RSGB IOTA Directory for details of islands included in the group and for Lat Lon. 1NA NA NA NA NA NA) IIIIAU IOTA UloAN,. NL8F, HamCall World Wide Callsign Database Stosuje dierezę nad literą iota. NA 064 KL Near IslandsAgattu Attu) group.

Jun CY0 VE1AWW CY0NA 063) VE1AWW. 594 NA 060, Conejo, Caracolita, Valle Choluteca Department group Carabobo, HR, Comandante .

Kliknij oznaczenie wyspy grupy wysp aby poznać. Iota subscriptadscript) is regularly written; but where it can be supplied. BC PROVINCE NORTH group.

Avatanak, view more. The island was AS 146 and was the second new iota worked that day. OPDX Bulletin 1119 July 8 JT65 IOTA NA 059, The EIDX Network Mar 4 41z KD7H.

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IOTAAfrica" Pagina de Francisco VICKY This website uses cookies to store your personal settings between sessions. Continent - Please choose, AF Africa, AN Antarctica, AS Asia, EU Europe, NA North America, OC Oceania, SA South America. DXCC: All in South America, Argentina, Aruba, Bonaire, Brazil, Chile, Colombia.

9A7SSY 9A2MF Home Page MS0INTIOTA NA 059) QSL.

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先月に運用されたスコットランドのHirta島のカードが届きました。 夜中の3時に17mCWでなんとか出来ました。 貴重なIOTA 1UPです。 img548. スポンサーサイト ; QSL コメント 0 トラックバック 0.
SV2011運用報告 ホーム J5UAP VP5 NY6X NL8F QSL.

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Best short dating profile description IOTA ref. NA- Noth America zone.

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NA 001 Great Bahama bank. NA 002 CaicosIncl.

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Providenciales) NA 003 Turks NA 004 North Slope groupIncl. Endeavor, Flaxman, Jones, Maguire, McClure Midway Return) NA 005 Bermuda NA 006. Akutan, Umnak, Unalaska, Uminak.

NA 060 Gulf of Fonseca.

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