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Current Construction Reports: Housing units authorized by building. OctoberActivity as PJ7PK from NA 247 NEW* October 10 11- Possible short activity from NA 199FS. Tintamarre Island FS N4ECW News Information DX News Apr 29, Leave a comment.

Not the main island. Mediterraneo DX Club Nov 7 These islands were not previously shown on ascale map but now qualify from being shown named on Google Earth in the same way that the coastal islands of St Martin FS countNA 199. PJ7PK Story NA 247 NEW IOTA. RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for NA 199 RSGB IOTA Information on NA 199.

Articles similar to FS N4ECW Tintamarre Island. QSL via home call direct.

Yesterday he was active from Tintamarre IslandIOTA NA 199. Sunrise in NA 199 will be in approximately 3. DXCC: SAINT MARTIN. IOTA PROGRAMME: NEW ISLAND GROUPS News- Information Jul 12 These islands were not previously shown on ascale map but now qualify from being shown named on Google Earth in the same way that the coastal islands of St Martin FS countNA 199.

DxCoffee Apr 24 FS5PL will be active from TintamarreIOTA NA 199 24 to 26 April. October 4- Arrival St Maarten. Thus, the new Sint Maarten s coastal islands group was born. Tintamarre Island.
PJ7PK A brand NEW IOTA activation St Maarten s Coastal. 8 hours at 10 40 UTC. The following schedule is tentative. There are 2 islands that qualify for this. N4ECW will be active from Saint Martin Island and other Islands until as FS N4ECW.
Our main aim is to activate NA 247. Iota na 199. Iota townMermentau villageNA NA NA NA NA NA) RayneAllen Parish Elizabeth townKinder town OakdaleNA NA NA NA NA) Oberlin townAscension.
He will be active mostly on 17 m. Iota na 199.
October 5- QRV from PJ7 mainland, last minute preparations island reconnaissance. Group Contains: Tintamarre. No known previous amateur radio activity. A NA 248P VE8 VY0 NWTMelville Island) group .

2% of participants. Group Name: St Martin s Coastal Islands.

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Construction Reports: Housing starts Page 6 Google Books Result NA Not a0ailable Preliminary. 5 percent 5 POd OOO M J0Jf P Pp 3q3 1 OJd0- J OJd. In structures with Region iota 1 3 and.
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618 1NA NA 639 1NA NA 328 1. DxCoffee FS5PL Tintamarre island NA 199.

FS5PL will be active from TintamarreIOTA NA 199, 24 to 26 April. for info TNX to Jean Michel F6AJA.

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netVY1 VE8YEV) NA 194 VO2 letter d VO2 WB1CBY) NA 195 VE8 letter n WT2O VE8) NA 196 VE8 Belcher Island Group, letter o VE8 NU2L) NA 197 KL7 letter m KL0 AB5EA and others) NA 198 VO1 letter b Several) NA 199 FS letter e Several) NA 200 XE3 letter g. Quintana roo state south XF3 XE3RKK) NA 201.

IOTA MAP Middle West Asia Biglobe IOTA Islands in West indies6Y 8P C6 CO FG FM FS HI HH J3 J6 J7 J8 KP1 KP2 KP3 KP5 PJ V2 BACK. QSL Gallery of West Indies, Special thanks for your contributionJA1EY JF4VZT.

Jamaica 6Y, Barbados 8P, Guadeloupe FG, Martinique FM.

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Iota na 199 Coinjar comprar bitcoin Criptomoneda mercado capitalizaciones historiaRobo de efectivo de bitcoin de coinbase Cambio de dólar de tilo a bitcoinCoinjar comprar bitcoin Bitcoin 33Delta epsilon sigma iota. OK1GK IOTA NA Nr, Island, Call, Status.

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NA 001, Great Bahama Bank Grop, C6AJR, Confirmed. NA 002, Caicos Islands, VP5 LA4DCA, Confirmed.

NA 003, Turks Islands. NA 004, North Slope County Centre Group.

NA 005, Bermuda Islands, VP9 AA1AC, Confirmed.

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NA 006, NunavutVictoria Isl. NA 007, NunavutSouthampton. TO5SM P Tintamarre Island Dec 9, F6BFH and F6AUS will be active from Tintamarre IslandIOTA NAMarchZ as TO5SM P.

FS5PL Tintamarre island NA 199.

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