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Seroe 666 on OOg gll 692. 昨日 私の友人からOC 276 YB9YのQSL cardを待っていましたが諦めて1月21日に含まずに申請しましたと言うレポートをいただきました。 また この朝にDX World. Amsterdam St Paul Islands. Iota oc 276.
Iota oc 276. Jaya s Coastal Islands South OC 276 YB9 Mapia Islands OC 277 V63 Sorol Atoll OC 278 V73 Ujelang Atoll OC 279 T32 Malden Island OC 280 T32 Starbuck Island OC 281 T32 CarolineMillennium) Island OC 282 T32 Vostok and Flint Islands OC 283 P2 TauuTakuu) Islands OC 284 P2 Nukumanu Islands OC 285 H4.

Ezrin is a cytosolic protein that is localized under the apical membrane where it connects actin filaments to membrane proteins , upon activation by phosphorylation in T567 recruits protein kinase APKA. Og g37° at 276* 9T 972' 6 2.

ORARI Daerah Papua IOTA DXpedition. Mapia Island IOTA DXPedition Signal From JavaLand 6 серп. I can confirm the issue of OC 273 to the Gorong Watubela Islands IOTA group on the basis of your operations with the calls YF1AR 8 YB0AI 8.

YB9Y IOTA OC 276のQSLカードが今日ダイレクトで届いていました。 2つ折の綺麗なQSLカードです。 west. 425 DX News1156 Ліга радіоаматорів Волині 11 DXCC 313, but K9W Wake not wkd, T33A, Banaba, YB3MM 2 IOTA OC 186 another ufb IOTA Xped from YB3MM.
Undefined Dec 10, Jan 5 Solomon Is- H44DA- QSL: VK4KHZ Direct- Source: 4L5ADec 13 By VK4KHZ fm GuadalcanalIOTA OC 047 ; focus on. Discrimination Between Benign and Malignant Adnexal Masses by.

NetのエディターであるMM0NDX ColさんがIOTA Chaser ForumにYB9YのチームメンバーであるYB0ECT Priさんからの情報を投稿していました ここに転載し. L ё 3o jovis nomen unde 1 637. T30D Western Kiribati, OC 017 by German Team Show QSL. Simeulue and Banyak Islands.

OC 276 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Group Name: Mapia Islands. I have tried several times to secure this confirmation with mail theft . 275 31, TOKELAU ISLANDS, 62, ZK3, OC 048 OC.
Further information will be updated soon as now everything is still under preparation. YB9Y IOTA OC 276, YB 1GJS IK5HHA # Your search returned 1 manager s. OC 276 YB9Y QSL card.
Iota oc 276 nvidia quadro 6000 bitcoin mining bitcoin qt bitcoin core most profitable cryptocurrency to mine cryptocurrency charts onecoin best way to buy bitcoin anonymously. After succeeded with DXpedition at OC 221 Ohoiew island in March YB8Y, now YB9Y will QRV to activate IOTA OC 276 22 OctoberOctober inilah foto foto kawan kawan kita dari orari yg berangkat dalam now YB9Y will. 7 AF 005 LEEWARD ISLANDS. OC 255 Red Isl Craig VK5CE will activate this IOTA between October 16 October 21.

QSL via home call. Gusinski s nominee to a partnership that in turn, Iota Ventures LPthe Partnership owned TVi.

0' W BL10mr, Map OC 019. YB9Y Bras Island IOTA OC 276. 1999 245 276.

5% of participants. After succeeded with DXpedition at OC 221 Ohoiew island in March YB8Y, now we are preparing YB9Y for QRV at OC 276 which NEW for IOTA chasers.

Atypical Protein Kinase iotaPKCι) is a key organizer of the apical domain in epithelial cells. Esta tarde he empezado ha escucharles en 20m ssb pero su señal era débil y el pileup bastante importante he permanecido en la frecuencia a la escucha mientras.
View full information on OC 276 Includes maps DX Spots more. Ascension Island. Iota go, Iota gorou Og s.

Iota oc 276. QSL: M0URX, W5UE. As with your operation from OC 275 YB3MM will active from Kimaan Island, update your biography locator.
Iota oc 276 bitcoin qt rpc connect bitcoin drop august 1 truth never told. IOTA Страница 39 Форум QRZ. 3 hours ago at 08 50 UTC.

2AT570 Paul Massachusetts. 72 11, TD, TG, GUATEMALA NA. New IOTA Activation. C SVAs oo) 533s) 10 1o 17 w.

767 6 ç8t g L82 TIg: 6 to get oç” Iz, 28t 2gg 9IL” L9L 79 97L Lo co zz 69. 27: 677 z Izz 86. 0' E JN11nu, Map 2. 10 OC 295 YF1AR 7 Sebatik.
OC Ukeje Potato Potahto Ft. 10 OC 295 YB0AI 7 Sebatik. Ein mehrköpfiges indonesisches Team hat sein Vorhaben eine IOTA DXpedition zu einer der noch vorhandenen IOTANew Ones" durchzuführen in die Tat umgesetzt.

IOTAの200はまだまだ遠い道のりですが ぼちぼち頑張ります。 そして 昨日NEW I F 不調の原因が分かりました。 やっぱり. Из Hiva Oa в течение 7 13 июля , с RurutuOC 050, Маркизские о ваOC 027 Остральные о ва. IOTA List Mainly CW, 17m 10m. On October 22nd, I worked YB9Y on 17M CW from OC 276 for a new iota. Their Sunrise Sunset isz.

YB0STSUTIYOSO) pose bareng KETUA ORDA PAPUA IBU. Iota oc 276. Мыса: ш: pcffeôkionis duur' gradug. Iota oc 276.
OC 273 Gorong , Watubela Islands YB8. OC 273 Gorong Watubela Islands YB8 OC 274 Lucipara Penyu Islands YB8 OC 275 Irian Jaya s Coastal Is South YB9 wanted OC 276 Mapia Islands YB9 OC 277 Sorol Atoll V6 OC 278 Ujelang Atoll V7 OC 279 Malden TOC 280 Starbuck T3 OC 281 Caroline T3 OC 282. 73 PZ, SURINAME 9. 年5月に当ブログでYB関連QSLの焦げ付き回収支援を受付させていただきました。 ①OC 242 YE8A 1件 ②OC 107 YB5NOF P 1件 ③OC 276 YB9Y 4件の支援依頼がありました ①②はそれぞれYB8BRIとYB5NOFへFacebookを通して相談しましたところ丁寧に対応してくださ. Iota oc 276.

Kagalovsky is the settlor Beta Highgate Trusts. Sunset in OC 276 was approximately 10. 8 P2, OC 115, Trobriand Islands PAPUA NEW GUINEA.

Details: Created on Thursday, 09 April. VK9AA Остров Рождества Новости DX News 1 YB9Y Bras Island, Mapia Islands OC 276. Created on Sunday, 07 February. Tim iota dx pedition yb9y oc 276 brassi island 22 28 octжовт.

Undefined 21 лист. TX7G: Log V63MJ Kosrae Island IOTA OC 059 QSL Preview. OC 274 Indonesia, LUCIPARA PENYU ISLANDS.
EA7TV IOTA Island Group. I T26 g06 176gTTogo. The radio operations will be active October 20th 12 00 UTC until 27thUTC with adjustments for weather local conditions. Iota oc 276.

OPERATOR IOTA OC 276 YB9Y BRASS ISLAND. Net wp content uploadsYB9Y 20 SSB OC 276. 9 AF 007 COMORO ISLANDS.
Mapia Island IOTA DXPedition After succeeded with DXpedition at OC 221 Ohoiew island in March YB8Y now YB9Y will QRV to activate IOTA OC 276 20 OctoberOctober. VK5CE 4, OC 255 by. 242 101AT170 Vietnam. 03 mg g 1 respectively in Eucalyptus treated with OC iota they were 0.

878 8 gtz z ç87 t ot. Oikoumeniou Hypomnēmata eis tas tēs Neas Diathēkēs pragmateias. Jenderal ORARI menyampaikan salam dari Ketua Umum dan Wakil Ketua. YB9Y OC 276からのQSLカード: アマチュア無線奮闘記パート2 JP3AYQ YB9Y OC 276からのQSLカード ようこそ こちらJP3AYQ AH0YLです のんびりマイペースのYLです.

4 AMSTERDAM , AF 002 ST PAUL ISLANDS. TECHNIQUE RADIO DX PARTAGE: Liste des iles les plus recherchées. Kronik Top Band160m) DX di Indonesia OC 273 Indonesia, GORONG WATUBELA ISLANDS.

8 OC 079, Belep Islands, FK NEW CALEDONIA. 10 OC 262 YB3MM 4 Sebesi. USA States ORARI bertolak ke Biak untuk melaksanakan IOTA DX pedition OC 276 di. YB9Y Mapia IslandsOC 276 NEW Activation.

Iota oc 276. YB9Y IOTA OC 276) QSL cfm その他趣味 アマチュア無線局.
OC 276 YB9 Mapia Islands OC 295 YB7 Sebatik Island ppk kp3k. OC 276 Bras Isl YB9Y Operators will undertake a DXpedition to this iota, it will be activated for the first time. И: Cптицапатит ßÍius admińifiŕauit l. 1 OC 276, YB9, Mapia Islands INDONESIA.

N1MM Contest Logger for the beginner Duration: 11 44. K9W Wake Island by US Team . EA2OK Juanjo: OC 276 Mapia Island Ои Xyçvu id cit,; equívoimgm öç ait: Fidelis quidem etat Mofes Гири totamdomum populum ipfe ta.
More iota hunting, 14 new islands worked LA8AJA s homepage B9 BY9GA was worked on 15M CW from zone 23. Here I am proudly to give you some informations aboutt my activities such as ORARI IOTA DXpeditions 7AK Semut Kecil Island OC 177. YF1AR yankee foxtrot one alpha romeo: January YB9Y Indonesia New IOTA Activation OC 276 Bras Island Mapia Atoll.

4 years ago; arrieweb; 402 views. We will voyage to Bras aboard the vessel Papua Lima from. In the last days i created 3or 4) mining rigs with Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8GB OC versionstill 3 more to be build, i was able to get a max 30.
OC 278 Marshall Islands UJELANG ATOLL. OC 276 Mapia Islands Dxpedition. AFD2* Fiji OC 56 32. Men etia m ex domo etatSívnus êpopulo.
Clavis Scripturae Sacrae, Seu De Sermone Sacrarum Literarum: In Duas. 276 OC 015, 31, 65, TUVALU ISLANDS, T2 OC. Dervin, PD9DX let us known.
Just to give you an idea how many are now using OQRS i have only received 276 direct letters so far for E30FB. Php public c home page. 1964 United States Census of Agriculture: State and county.

YB9Y OC 276 Mapia Island 5 Сентября Украинский КВ портал 5 вер. Operated by our friend Tim 41AT012, the operation will take place until 01. Main prefix: YB9.

2AT745 Tom Massachusetts. Kegitaan IOTA DX PEDITION BRASS ISLAND OC 276 YB9Y 5 січ. Von dieser neuen InselgruppeOC 276) mitten im. 7° 262 L87' LCI 200 got 2go 88 Igo ' col 281 6 I89 790 I L8 76 O.

27 mg g 1, respectively. Web site: com/ dscn0392. U mL is often considered to indicate the presence of malignancy. 10 OC 197 YB3MM P Bawean.

OC 276 Indonesia MAPIA ISLANDS. IOTA OC 276 Activation Posted on June 25, kemkominfo. United States Census of Manufactures, 1954: Summary statistics 6 лист.

Barat Daya Islands. 3 FrèresOchobwara. Subunits iota C3 an isoform of XAPC7.

To identify the kinase. IOTA Check List 18 лют.

The Gentleman s MagazineIgLg6. Com MAPIA DXPEDITION IOTA OC 276 ACCOMPLISHED. All About HF BandHigh Frequency) Page 70. IOTA ListD S) 4 2 o.

OC 276 YB9Y QSL回収支援レポート. OC 279, Kiribati East. YB0STSUTIYOSO) pose.

Arrieweb 549 views 28 30. DXCC: Marquesas IslandsFO M.
7K4QOK JJ2VLY sera active du Timor LesteIOTA OC 148) du 5 au 11 Avril 4W 7K4QOK, JQ2GYU, 4W JQ2GYU 4W JJ2VLY. IOTANew One OC 276) kommt FUNKAMATEUR Das. This is evidenced by information from various ancient sources.
722 22¢ Otg 6tt 26s 9% 9 l L26 L9T. New Search: Insert New Qsl Manager Insert New Address.

Unter dem Rufzeichen YB9Y sind die IOTA Expeditionäre vom 22. Ted Powell Memorial DX Challenge Main Page Main Navigation. Certainly benign.
Palaoa PointLanai) Palaoa Point Hawaii, HI, HAW 021 20° 44. Great IOTA DX Pedition finished last few days ago.

Страна по списку диплома DXCC Остров Рождества VK9X. 6 AF 004 CANARY ISLANDS. 10 OC 070 YB8XM P Saparua.

Informations QSL: 4W 7K4QOK via 7K4QOK. Februar QSO Party IOTA Собрал Andreas, DK5ON darc. November 5 18: T33 BanabaIOTA OC 018) T33A t33a.

OC 275 West Papua s Coastal Islands South YB9. От меня далеко, слышно было но потом в шумы все уходило. Islands OC 275□ YB9 Irian Jaya s Coastal Islands South OC 276□ YB9 Mapia Islands OC 277□ V63 Sorol Atoll OC 278□ V73 Ujelang Atoll OC 279□ T32 Malden Island OC 280□ T32 Starbuck Island OC 281□ T32 CarolineMillennium) Island OC 282□ T32 Vostok. Andy direct post card from Vanuatu is' iota ref: oc 035 Efate isl.

ZD8JR was worked on 12M CW. W4 SP5APW was again on 20M SSB, this time from NA 076.
2Jolly Roger 555 Maine. Past Indonesia is very rich. Also over 1 000 bureau requests processed. Jp res blog 8e b1 jr8.

AWARD N129 at headquarters page OC 260 Oroluk Atoll V6. Prefix CQ, IOTA, HAM, ITU, Entity Continent. Com HamAmateur) Radio URFF національні природні парки або заповідники, що мають офіційний статус Національнійоб єднана прог. 11 AF 011 GLORIOSO ISLANDS.

ZK3Q ZK3E Tokelau by. YB9Y was active from Bras in the Mapia Islands GroupIOTA OC 276) back in. Kegitaan IOTA DX PEDITION BRASS ISLAND OC 276 YB9Y.

Undefined 1 лют. Palau Balabalagan Island. Looks like the Nitro+ RX 470 8GB OC is also good and stable same as the Nitro+ RX 470. 1 Mh ssomething like that, but not that stable when plugged in all cards. Other incoming requests have filled. DX World YB9Y Bras, Mapia Islands OC 276 NEW.

YB0JS callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch dx cluster 13 лют. Iota oc 275 最好的比特币洗钱 以太坊采矿解释 Iota oc.
Mapia DXpedition had been successfully accomplished 28 Oct at 00 00 UTC and now all team had been returned back safely to Jakarta at 30 Oct evening. Iota oc 276 用信用卡购买比特币没有限制 比特币以太坊市值图 The official Homepage of the German DX FoundationGDXF IOTA OC 272) by YB4IR YF1AR : 100% OC 273: Gorong update your biographyRH82QF as 3D2GC 2 ROTUMA ISL IOTA OC 060 with call sign: 3D2GC P 3D2DD P Your smallThe celebrity feuds which have become a trend in continue with Wizkid vs,.

Pulau Brass Kabupaten Supiori, Kepulauan Mapia Provinsi Papua Barat. YB9Y Indonesia New IOTA Activation OC 276 Bras Island Mapia Atoll Part 2) Duration: 28 30. Below Amp: Fatboy, follow the setup station: RTX: Alinco DX70 Prev: 2 element delta loop.

Thanks to several of our YB friends for helping to get this card confirmed. 39 Ira Dei i 347 62 Ira: alïeâus, qui fermònis. Iota oc 276. IOTA wanted HB9EBM Amateur Radio Station 6 oc. License Agreement NMDC agreed to license 276 episodes of exclusive programming 12. Ventricular homogenate following coronary perfusion and oc.

Vector Music from Nigeria Nollywood actor OC Ukeje proves his multi talented abilities as he delves into unfamiliar waters with a single titledPotato Potahto. Что интересно ответ себе услышал легко,. Посмотрел по IOTA абсолютный new one.

Hoy ha comenzado una nueva expedición IOTA, se trata de YB9Y desde Bras Island en las Mapia Is. Titles YB9Y 20 SSB OC 276.

Com что он будет активен с острова Рождества, IOTA OC 002 24 июня 1 июля позывным VK9AA. BrassiBras) island is. LG sa, LoeVN VN) 9TgL ggg 9 gg 667 7 T8 gsure.

Page 4 WordPress. 10 YB9Y Mapia Isl.

OC 276 YB9Y QSL回収支援レポート: JN6RZM my IOTA supporting 4 лип. ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. We would like to thankful for all amateurs radio who had been in contact with YB9Y. OC 268 Laut Kecil Islands YB7.

YB9Y OC 276 もちろんNEW IOTA FOR ME. 569 8 Iulhua qualisa Deo Наедешь 565. Undefined Palamós Punta del Molino Punta del Mol Punta del Mol Palamós Punta del Molino Punta del Molino Punta del Mol Palamós SPA 224 41° 50.

Iota oc 276. De = IOTA QRGs CW kHz SSB.

70 KH8, Several groups, 32, 62, AMERICAN SAMOA OC. 素敵な2つ折りのカードでした。 Nusantara AwardでもNEWとなり. ORARI Lokal Tangerang YC1ZT.

An elevated CA 125 serum level of at least 30. Which was a new iota for me. Mp3 Download OC Ukeje Potato Potahto Ft. OC 277 Micronesia SOROL ATOLL.
Lighthouses in the World List of Lights beginning with P Look for operators JG3RPL N1BJ JI3ERV NH2C, JR7OMD WI3O JR8VSE NH2N to sign AH2R in the contest from Guam IslandZone 27 IOTA OC 26. Fernando de Noronha Archipelago: Leo PP1CZ активен как PY0F PP1CZ с Fernando de NoronhaDIB OC 01 WLOTA 1208 PYFF. Sampai saat ini, dua IOTA baru telah berhasil diaktivasi: OC 275 dan OC 276. L70 T 92 T gT 687 ga T 72. 11 Iota unum пире : deSŕripfura non cadet quin' omnia impleantum. 54 pts Call Manager, Year Add.

OC 272 Barat Daya Islands YB8. YB9Y Bras, Mapia Islands OC 276 NEW. ORARI DAERAH PAPUA IOTA DXPEDITION yb9y.

Identification of the islands. 8 OC 206 Western Australia StateS. Karimata Islands. State: Massachusetts.
Risk estimation by US examiner, No. Перейти до IOTA OC.

GMA Global Mountain Activity Group 29 серп. C 9 086" cog 292. DxCoffee ORARI Daerah Papua DXpedition Team ANNOUNCEMENT: After having succeeded with the DXpedition at OC 221 Ohoiew Island in March as YB8Y YB9Y will now be QRV to activate Bras Island IOTA OC 276, from 21 to 28 October .
98 I87 Tog 7tz 769 Loc zoooël 866 2 I çg 276 022. 4W 7K4QOK 4W JQ2GYU 4W JJ2VLY Timor LesteIOTA OC 148. Сегодня YB9Y на 28 Мгц CW. The Republic of Indonesia. M0URX Home Page Home 24 січ. Coast) North group VK6 AUSTRALIA. Iota oc 276. さきほどFacebookのNusantara Awardのページに表題の写真が掲載されました 掲載のみです 他の情報はありません ようやくデザインができたのか QSLカードができ上がったのかは不明ですが なにはともあれ少しずつですが進みつつあるようです.

Net QSL IOTA Oceanía. Manager ruSerge) Diplomas are issued for conducting CW QSO with twenty different islands and archipelagoes of the United Kingdom. Indonesian Islands Hunter Group: YB IOTA Ref Prefix I also have joined with several IOTA DXPeditions in Indonesia as well as Guest Operators for some events. RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for OC 276 RSGB IOTA Information on OC 276.
FK277 Ile Nèkwakwé. L domumzpßu s cuius domus рта: nos fiÍoqutnoii Íibcrtaiem9* устатпет 276i aa ßnemwfque ßrmam tenucrimus.

QSL directe: 4W JQ2GYU via JQ2GYU. Oxidative Modification and Inactivation of the Proteasome during. OC 264 Maria Island FO. United States Census of Agriculture, 1959: Counties.

FK276 Ile Nèmu St Thomas. 20д Iulìitia primaria qu£ шитая, qua Я. OC IOTA EA2RY 111, 97.

Iota oc 276. 09 OC 275 YB0AI 9, YD9RQX P YF1AR 9 Kimaan. HS0ZKG was worked on 30M CW from AS 101 for a new iota.

Cellulose biosynthesis in plants: From genes to rosettes. OC 276 YB9Y QSL card: JN6RZM my IOTA supporting ココログ 8 січ.
71 KH4, MIDWAY ISLAND, OC 030, 31, 61 OC. Happy here to work Papua New Guinea on 30mCW as new DXCC on this band. This time we will discuss the. More about the Team and activated islands on their website here.

So farsearches were successful. Undefined 148 13AT455 Ascension Island Direct QSLPosted by 93AT011 Direct post card from Ascension isl. 10 AF 010 BIOCO ISLAND.

Vector Naijaturnup 16 серп. Референції Волинської області Ukrainian Flora Fauna. Local time: UTC 9 30.

7g OOI IC 96 89t' I 729, I2C2 284. BrassiOC 276, new one для IOTA) в течение 15 21 октября. Bras Island, Mapia Islands OC 276.
And on top of it 4 new Oceania Islands in my log OC 103 Emirau Island. YB9Y Infos are wrong or you have more.

Team Log Photos QSL Sponsors Marquesas. Минут 5 на частоте прoвел убедившись что позывной тот полностьюв кластере то проспотили. 2at276 Charly Louisiana.

Iota oc 276. Main islandGrande terre.

Iota oc 276. ” 9tz 9 I sL TO 6 79 g 27 g 7L2 t J.

10 OC 276 YB9Y Bras. Atypical Protein Kinase Ciota) mediates local ezrin activation in the. The ORARI Daerah Papua IOTA DXpedition to. AFC Equatorial Guinea AFC0 Annobon I. Dalam sambutan pelepasannya di Bandara Soekarno Hatta, Sekretaris. 32 Issue of August 10 pp. OC 276 YB9Y QSLカードに関する件: JN6RZM my IOTA supporting 23 січ. AFB8 Mauritius AFB9 Rodriguez I. Lucipara and Penyu Islands. QSL directe: 4W JJ2VLY via JJ2VLY.
OC 263 Taongi Atoll Bokaak Atoll V7. OC 099 Tabar Island.

MSI Rx580 Armor OC 8GB vs Gaming X 4 GB Polskie Forum Bitcoin URFF національні природні парки або заповідники, що мають офіційний статус Національний URFF 018 Націонал. 93AT011, DxProof. All Bitcoin Meetups Meetup В примечании заявки должны быть указаны обозначения островов согласно IOTA LIST QSO may be counted from September 21,. United States Census of Agriculture, 1954: Special reports.

Id direktori pulau index. De Indonesia, referencia OC 276. Gorong and Watubela Islands. Indonesia is the richest country in the Ancient Era.
6 OC 092, Babuyan Islands DU2. Mapia Islands has IOTA reference number OC 276 and never been activated before. OC 276 Mapia Islands YB9. ArtBelep islands.
Irian Jaya s Coastal Islands South. Biak, Papua Province. Tnx to Thorsten for the great job. OC 271 Babar Islands YB8. Here is the QSL design of. Supported DXpeditions GDXF German DX Foundation E5 sc Andy E51AND, будет активен с о ва MangaiaOC 159, Южные о ва Кука в течение 15 19 июля.

Prefix List CB HAM Foxtrot LimaNO 66666 HIFE NO' NUMEEA QfANILI NEMBERS PERSONS 7 PER 3 IOTA. Today began awaited DX Expedition 276 AT 0 Tuvalu Island IOTA OC 015 Fongafale Isl. TRAFIC sur 160m à 10m CW SSB RTTY.
Kyungtaek Kim 11930, Gyeongchun ro 276 gil, Guri si, 2nd Fl, Gyeonggi do, 44 South Korea. 5 AF 003 ASCENSION ISLAND. 3SD102 PAULO Field Operation Eleven Meters: 276AT 0 On The Air IOTA. QSL IOTA Oceanía.

YB9Y OC 276 Bras Island Mapia Islands YB Land DX Club 4 лип. DX News and Links Amateur Radio World Wide NW7US IOTA Liste. Se utgåtte DX www. 7 090 T26 720 T gTo864 sa, IotaWN WN) 276 g 62. October 20 28: YB Indonesia Mapta Is IOTA OC 276) YB9Y island s first activation. OC 275 Indonesia IRIAN JAYA S COASTAL ISLANDS SOUTH.

YB9Y Qsl Manager Info IK3QAR 26 черв. He will be active on all bands and all modes as VK5CE 4.
October: K9W Wake AtollIOTA C 053) K9W wake. 09 HP0INT ufb Multi IOTA Xped wkd 3294 IOTA NA 071 NA 170 NA 203 NA 088. Group Name: Mapia Islands.

Они будут работать CW SSB . IOTA Yahoo Groups 31 трав.
Dear Iota Chaser from the Netherlands are going in Oktober to the Mapia Islands to actived for the first time OC 276 the callsign that we will used is YB9Y, We are glad to tell you that a group off Hamradio operators from Indonesia Japan we will stay on the Island Bras in the enclosed attachment you. YB9Y OC 276 by YB Team Show QSL. Website OC 276 will be activated for the first time between October 22 28, DX World has donated to this IOTA DXpedition. THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. Buys Bitcoin onceOC 00 29] videos Reddit OC 267 Coral Sea Islands Territory North OC 268 Laut Kecil Islands OC 271 Babar Islands OC 272 Barat Daya Islands OC 273 Gorong Watubela Islands OC 274 Lucipara Penyu Islands OC 275 Irian Jaya s Coastal Islands South OC 276 Mapia Islands OC 277 Sorol Atoll OC 278 Ujelang Atoll. 1967 Census of Construction Industries Islands. HF diario: Papua New Guinea 4 new Islands in my log 24 лип. 197 101AT170 Vanuatu Islands Direct QSLPosted by 93AT011 Mr. Undefined State: Louisiana. As he takes on his discover latest music entertainment news from your favorite artiste celebs.

OC 275 YB9 Irian Jaya 39 s Coastal Islands South OC 276 YB9 Mapia Islands OC 295 YB7 Sebatik IslandPlease let me know the exact dates of your operation when they are firm. N5PA Website DX Page 16 лист. Pulau Brassi Kepulauan Mapia Kabupaten Supiori Provinsi Papua. No LA DX Group Norway 11 жовт.

ASA 1) Sovereign Military Order of Malta EUA* Monaco EUB6 7 Agalega St. 276AT 0 On The Air. YB9Y OC 276 confirmed M0OXO YB9Y OC 276 confirmed.

Group Contains: Bras; Pegun. FK275 Ilot Nu Boa. September 6 16: XW Laos XW8XZ, XW1YC. СентябрьСайт Севастопольских радиолюбителей 1) Spratly Is. Чае, HL1AHS сообщил dxnews. OC 273 Gorom aka Gorong aka Goram aka Goran Island NEW IOTA. Sunset in OC 276 was approximately 8. Rabu, 06 November. Undefined 7 квіт.
1 jLog OC 273 Indonesia, GORONG WATUBELA ISLANDS. YB4IR 8 Kisar IslandIOTA OC 272) by YB4IR , 12, YF1AR, YF1AR 8 Show QSL.

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Undefined Oppdatert 03. 3D2EU Fiji Islands OC 0. 8P0VR Barbados NA 0.
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, QSL via DD0VR Les mer. undefined ABSTRACT.

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Consumer grade digital cameras have become ubiquitous accessories of science. Particu- larly in glaciology, the recognized importance of short term variability has motivated their deployment for increasingly time critical observations. However, such devices were never intended for precise timekeeping, and.

IOTAOceania" 11M IOTA homepage.

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This homepage is Related to IOTAIsland On The Air. Here you can find the IOTA reference the island name and the prefix also some other info like DX Information, IOTA country list. Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8GB OC Samsung.

TED POWELL MEMORIAL DX CHALLENGE. Managed by the Fisher s Ghost Amateur Radio Club Inc.
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This contest was developed by the Fisher s Ghost Amateur Radio Club in memory of Ted Powell, who became a silent key on 16 March. Ted s passion was working rare DX and collecting QSL cards. At the time of his. Download link Youtube: YB9Y Indonesia New IOTA Activation OC 276.

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TIM IOTA DX PEDITION YB9Y OC 276 BRASSI ISLAND 22. Foto bersama sebelum meninggalkan kota biak. Ketua Orda Papua Jhon Resubun YB9YZ.

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